2017 New Year and New Comfort Zones!

Perhaps, the craziest thing I have ever done…

I have decided to start a blog! I have no idea what I am doing and this will be a learning experience for me. I was going to just post two blogs a month on topics that I love and use in my business. However, last night while reading a book I bought a few months ago, and hadn’t had a chance to read, it came to me that for my blogs I should post something each day even if just a detailed list of this is what I did today, where I am at, and how my day went. I am a work in progress and I want to give you the opportunity to see how things may progress over the next year for me and with me. I can guarantee that there will be failures but I know in my gut I will also have great success even if not seen right away.

I am not sure how interesting or Boring this may turn out for others but I am hoping this will help me to see the changes with each day that comes and goes. I guess this will be more like a diary for the next year. I am stepping way outside of the box and I am going to share this no matter how hard it might be for me. I will be doing some actual planned  blog posts as well on topics I love and that interest me as well as some things about my business!

I guess my goal here, as it has been my whole life, is to help others. I am learning now that to do that I also have to help myself. I hope that if you decide to follow me that you find some help, guidance, humor, and love in what I post. You may not receive all of those things on the same day but perhaps a little of something on each day.

I know that my life’s purpose is to help others to find balance in their life, work through the difficulties so they can heal, and find their own life’s purpose. I have been told by mentors that before taking others through the vortex I must go through it myself. Well, I am in the vortex and I might not be to the other side yet but I know I am further along than I was and I can’t wait to see where and how much farther each day brings me. I am willing to bring you along on my journey and I am honored that you have read this far! I hope you will want to follow me on my journey.  I know I am not completely done my own journey yet, however, I do know I am at a point where I am able to do this incredible thing and help others find their own way, their purpose and direction in life so that they can find that feeling of balance, the confidence in themselves, and love for the life they have and will grow into. We all have things we need to work through no matter how small or large but when we find the right people that can help to guide us or just be there for one another it becomes so much easier.

This is all I have so far. I just want to wish you pleasant dreams and a beautiful visions for your future. May you find the peace, love, and balance you seek in your life!

Jessica Marshall
Reiki Practitioner
Archangel Life Coach
Ambassador Of Divine Love


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