Some things about me

Just a little information to bring you up to January of 2011 when some things had really began to change in my life. I can remember being at my low point. It was the fall of 2010 and the relationship I was in had pushed me over the edge. I was sick emotionally and physically, and had been out of work for almost 4 months, I was coming to the realization while going to a therapist that I needed to make some changes in my life and I couldn’t wait to do this it had to happen now. I ended the relationship I was in, which was not easy since I loved both him and his family, but our relationship was toxic and I had to do what was best for me, which was a foreign thing but I was beginning to learn the importance. 

Bringing us back to January of 2011, I was getting desperate for work since I had been out for so long and now had bills piling up. I was living with my parents and I just needed to find something so I could at least cover my bills. I applied to lots of different positions but didn’t get any calls for interviews. It was around my Nana’s birthday January 10th and I had stopped at the mausoleum to visit her. At the end of the visit I found myself sitting and praying to God for some help. I told him that I just needed help finding work that could help me to pay my bills, and in turn I promised I would serve him in any way he felt fit. I sat there in tears begging for some guidance and help and when I left I wasn’t sure what the next step would be, but I was ready for a sign. I went home and my sister’s boyfriend was at the house and having breakfast with my parents. I sat down at the table and was talking about finding a job and what was going on with me and he told me that where his grandmother works is hiring! I was in awe that God had heard me and worked so quickly to help. The next day I drove, in a snow storm, to get and fill out an application. I left not sure what to think would happen. I received a phone call not long after asking me to come in for an interview and next thing I knew I had a start date of February 8th! This was the beginning of a long road to find what my divine purpose was and how I could be of service to God as I had promised. 

I stayed at this job for about 3 years, started a new relationship, with my now husband, and before long we were house hunting and things were going in the right direction. Even with everything going in the right direction I was still struggling and going through some difficulties, and I wasn’t sure what to do. While I was so grateful for the opportunities I had been given I just wasn’t feeling like this was the right place for me. I had been talking to my best friend Stacey about things and even though she was on her own journey, she always had some amazing advice for me. I can remember telling her that I know God was there for me but I felt that there were times that he wasn’t. I needed a sign that I was on the right path. Stacey had told me to watch for signs but what kind of sign should I be looking for? She told me that rainbows would be Gods sign for me to know he was with me and guiding me. Over the next few days I was so focused on the sky looking for my rainbow that I didn’t realize that I passed a sign for a craft store every day that had a rainbow on it. I think it took me about a week before I saw it and it clicked. I was so excited to have a sign that God was with me every day! Now I just had to find what my life purpose was so that I could work towards it. With guidance from Stacey I began meditating and found that I enjoyed working with the angels and doing meditation. I knew that this was something I wanted to incorporate into my life. I began doing meditation every day and then eventually bought my first set of Angel Oracle Cards. I also started to take classes online to further my spiritual journey. I then began doing Angel Card readings for my family and myself, and had my niece doing meditation with me when she was visiting. I was still searching for my life purpose and finally through meditation I had my vision. I was to begin my own business and I felt that I was meant to create a complex of Natural Wellness and Healing. I have found that over time and working on myself that my purpose is starting to become clearer. I know that I am meant to help people heal and work through issues of the past and present and to help create the movement they need in their lives so they can also find and follow their life purpose. Helping them to find the love, peace, and balance they are searching for externally within themselves so that they can radiate that out into the work and in turn attract more of that into their life. 

I want to thank you for reading this far and I hope that you will continue to follow me on this journey that I am on. I hope that I can assist and help you on your journey as well. If you are interested in learning more about Meditation, Reiki, the Angels, Essential oils, Chakra’s, or anything else that may come up as we go, please contact me and I will do anything I can to help answer questions or provide the services that I can to help. 

Love, Peace, and Balance! 


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