Something a little random…

So I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to write about today, so I asked that Archangel Nathaniel and Gabriel help to guide me with a topic or just to give me the words to say that might resonate with others. So a few minutes later the thought pops into my head to ask everyone reading this to contemplate the meaning they find in this quote from The Santa Clause Movie “Seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing” Charlie says this in the movie and I find that it’s a very powerful line. To me this is showing the child like innocence that we all lose as we begin to get older. As children we can believe in something without ever seeing it and just know and feel in our hearts and our mind that it’s real. It is the belief that anything is possible. How long has it been since you have believed in magic, that anything is possible, that you could be anything that you want, or have anything that you want? What did you want to be when you were a child? Did your parents nurture that dream and encourage you to pursue it? When we become older these feelings becomes less and we begin to only believe in things that are logical or that are clearly tangible . We lose the ability to see the dream as being attainable and we then look to find something that is perhaps more acceptable or more within our reach. Some people can say that they went into the profession they had always dreamed about as a child and I feel that these people may be some of the best in their professions because the passion they have has been there for so long that even on the hardest of days there is still a spark inside them. Not to say you don’t have passion and spark if you discovered your calling later in life but there is something special about having the knowing of what you are meant to do as a child and following that once your an adult. 

I feel like Children can teach us so much about life and how to live in the moment which is something we have a lot of trouble with as adults. We need to take a step back and try not to be so stressed, take the time to enjoy the people in our lives, and the place we are at. Try to spread some time each day consciously  focusing on something that you want to bring into your life no matter what it is. Use your imagination and see it as a part of your life already, get excited about it. We need to reclaim our innocents and believe that anything is possible. Once we begin to believe this, and live our lives in a way that reflects this, we will allow the magic back into our lives. We will begin to see changes in our life that will pull us in the direction we are meant to go. We all have a purpose and are here for a reason. Some of us are meant to find this purpose out as children and others as adults, I feel that if we open ourselves up to the thought that anything is possible and believe this before we ever see the proof of it, we will create a vortex in our life that will attract everything we need and want and we will allow the magic back into our lives. I encourage each person reading this to to allow yourself to dream and, no matter how big or crazy it may feel, believe that it is attainable and that anything is possible just because we don’t see the how right now doesn’t mean that it is impossible. 

Dream big and believe in the amazing possibilities that await you! 

Love, Peace, and Balance


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