Patience is what is on my mind today!

I have found that if there is one thing people have always told me growing up is that I am patient. I have never felt that I was any different from anyone else when it came to being patient but I know that while I have worked in many different fields with lots of different people being patient has really come in handy! I have always felt, who am I to judge another person and put my own expectations on them when they are different from me. We are all different and all going through life, trying to get from one day to the next, doing our best with the situations we have going on in our lives. No one is exactly the same and as such you can expect that people going through the same situation can have very different feelings and reactions.

I remember on my first date with my husband, Mike, telling him how I felt about judging people and that it just isn’t my place because nobody can completely know what someone is going through 100% and what they have experienced in their life to make them feel or react as they do. A tragedy to me can be something that’s not a big deal to another person and vice versa. We all are different and as such will deal with things differently. What I feel is important, even though we have different feelings and reactions, is that we all respect one another. We do not have to know the persons exact situation to show some respect and compassion towards them. I feel if we all did that then the wold might be a better place. 

How do you feel about patience? Do you feel you are a patient person? Do you find that if someone doesn’t do something exactly the way you would that you are frustrated and get upset? Do you get upset when you have to wait for something? I might find myself feeling similarly at times and while I have been said to be a very patient person, I am sure that Mike can vouch for this, I still am very opinionated and stubborn at times and this can make it seem that I have no patience or tolerance at all. I can have my moments too when my patience just isn’t there. Take for instance with cleaning, we can all be taught different ways to complete a task such as loading the dishwasher, does it make you crazy when some one does this differently than you? Do you prefer the knives or forks going a certain way? While it may matter to you how this task is completed, and if it’s done your way or not, another person may have been taught to do this differently or they may look at this as small and unimportant because of the things they have going on in their life. This is where our stepping back and reminding ourselves that we are all different may be helpful. This can be a tough thing to do at times even for the most patient person so remember to have patience with yourself as well! 

Just by looking at things from another persons perspective we can create a little more peace in our lives and maybe someone else’s too! 

Thank you for reading my ramblings today and learning just one more thing about me and how I see things! 

Love, Peace, and balance! 



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