Changing your mind…

I start every morning by saying thank you to god, the Universe, Source, or anything else you may call it. Then I make sure that I say thank you for all the things I am grateful for in my life. I tend to say this part while I am driving to work but it can really be said any time! Some days I find that my mind will go completely in a negative direction and when this happens I find turning my attention to all I have to be grateful for in my life will stop me from spiraling in the negative direction. What I believe happens is that our ego, which thrives on negativity, finds an in and goes wild. I find if our thoughts are negative it’s usually judgment towards self or others and bad things may come to mind which are not true to the person you are. It doesn’t help that we are surrounded by negativity through TV, news, and social media. Our true divine self is positive so thoughts that come from the heart and soul tend to be uplifting, loving, happy, and true protective guidance. The ego tends to bring about anger, depression, worry, and guilt. Just be aware that when these kind of feelings and thoughts come up and don’t seem to be stopping you can take control back. You can think of all the positive in your life and you can even ask your ego to stop and say that you don’t want to listen to anymore it has to say. 
There are many ways you can stop the negativity that is flowing through your mind, showing gratitude is just one of them! I prefer to say what I am grateful for each morning because it creates a positive start to my day. Other ways you can do this which are great are taking a mason jar and writing one thing each day that you are grateful for on a small piece of paper and stick it into the mason or keeping a gratitude journal. This is great because it sets your mind in a positive direction and then when you have a bad day you can take the jar or journal and read each of the notes reminding you of what you are grateful for. Doing this will help to reset your mind and send it in a more positive direction. I encourage you to do this yourself and if you have children try to include them as well. I find that in the beginning it can be tough and you might feel like you are repeating the same things over and over but I promise as you continue to do this more and more will come to mind that you are grateful for and you will be attracting lots of positive energy and moments into you life!   

Today I am grateful for my loved ones, having time to reflect on the things going on in my life, being able to help others, and for all the support I have gotten while trying to start my business and now my blog! What are you grateful for? 

Wishing you Love, Peace, and Balance!


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