Raising your vibration!

In the same way we shift our thoughts from negative to positive we also raise our vibrations. Learning to raise our vibrations is important because a lot of the time we put things we want or people we admire and strive to be like on a pedestal. Putting anything on a pedestal means it’s out of our reach and we are not worthy of it. We must learn to remove “I can’t” or ” I am not worthy” from our vocabulary. We CAN and We ARE very worthy! We ARE just as important as anything or anyone else and we CAN do anything we dream of! 

In order to attract that which we want, we must first feel that we are worthy of it. We must be on the same wave length with it. Let me tell you now that you are worthy of all of the things you want! You are worthy of achieving your dreams! You are worthy of love! You can achieve what is in your heart! When you find your worthy of the things that you dream they become attainable! The confidence you needed to do a task is now there and you can do anything! I have found that the saying fake it until you make it is something I can relate to when it comes to this. If you act as if you already have all of the things or people in your life you want, then you put yourself on the same wave length with it, and the universe responds and sends those things or people into your life! In the beginning your ego will fight against you saying that this concept is crazy but over time this will lessen and you will begin to truly believe that you are worthy of all the things you dream of!

So my challenge to each person who reads this is to find at least 5 statements like the following and to repeat each statement 3 times and at least once every day! Some that I know I have had to say for myself are “I am worthy of love”, I am worthy of living my dreams”, “I am worthy of divine health”, “I am worthy of happiness”, “I am worthy of success” (say each statement 3 times each)! You can really create any “I am” statements that you feel will help you find and live the way you deserve to be living. Believe in yourself! You are worthy of love! You are worthy of happiness! You are worthy of success! You are a beautiful person! You are making a difference in the lives of others! Believe this and you will attract what you believe and want into your life! 

Wishing you Love, Peace, and Balance! 



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