Meditation is something I was unsure about at first. I didn’t think it would be possible to stop the ramblings of my mind, especially, when I was having a tough day. How can I sit in silence and not think of anything? What does meditation mean to you? Meditation to me is quietly focusing the mind on one thing and allowing your heart, higher self, God, the universe, or source to respond to your thoughts with guidance. What I believe meditation is now, is not the same as when I first began. 

When I began to meditate I thought how am I going to do this? If I begin to meditate does this mean I am becoming Buddhist? What will my mom think? She is not going to like this because we were brought up Catholic. I found that my mind was already overthinking and finding the negative in trying this new concept. I decided to try this anyway and to figure out all the details as I went, after all, meditation is suppose to be a good thing. I did some research and talked to people who were doing this already to get advice and find out the best ways to start. I also found some guided meditations which helped me to stay more focused in the beginning! When I started I was distracted easily and my mind would want to race and I had trouble stopping it. I quickly learned that when this happens you have not ruined your meditation and that all you have to do is bring your attention back to that one thing you wanted to focus on. I found that in the beginning it was easiest for me to lay down in a comfortable position, even if for just a few minutes and just focus on breathing in and out. If some other thought came in during the few minutes I was doing this, I would take a deep breath and allow the thoughts to leave my mind as I exhaled and I refocused on just breathing. I started out just doing this for maybe 5-10 minutes each day and then building up to longer times. I found that in the beginning when I did this for more than 10-15 minutes I would fall asleep and wake up thinking I messed everything up but I know now that it’s not uncommon to fall asleep so it’s okay! I feel we fall asleep because we are allowing our minds to rest. We are looking deep within ourselves and using our heart and higher self to focus on what we need and want guidance on. 

Now when I meditate I will sit or lay down and If I am looking for guidance on something specific I will ask or set those intentions before I begin my meditation. I also invite in all of my guides and angels to be with me just before beginning so they can help provide the guidance i need. I then will clear my mind while I focus on breathing (this is still my go to when I want to clear my mind) once I am relaxed and my mind is clear I will try to pay attention to the thoughts that come up if they are relevant to what I set as my intentions then I try to make a mental note or write them down if not I will continue by just releasing the thought as I breathe out and continue with my focus on my breath! There are so many benefits you will receive from meditation! You will notice that you will begin to sleep better, you will be able to quiet your mind when you need to, your focus will be better, you will begin to have less negative thoughts, less stress, and so much more! If you are curious about meditation feel free to reach out and I am more than happy to help in anyway I can!  

Wishing you Love, Peace, and Balance! 



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