Each moment ….

Today what keeps coming up is a reminder that if things don’t go 100% as you planned it’s okay and not to be so hard on yourself. When we set out to complete something and it doesn’t go the way we hoped or planned we tend to be really hard on ourselves and get discouraged. I am certainly no stranger to this and I find that it always becomes well tomorrow will be different or next week I will start over. I am being urged to remind myself and others that it’s okay to let go of failures of the past and to look at things not in days or weeks but in moments. So don’t beat yourself up because you had some chocolate at work or had a soda when you said you wouldn’t. Keep in mind that you can have that right now and choose to not have it the rest of the day. Don’t beat yourself up over it! Tell yourself it’s okay and just make the conscious decision that you will enjoy what you are having and not have another for the remainder of the day! Each moment we have the choice to either follow through on what we set forth to do or not. Sometimes we need to remember we are human and it would not be a human experience if we had no struggles in our life. 
I hope that going forward you will forgive yourself for your maybe not so good choices and select to enjoy each moment of your day, instead of replaying those choices over and over again in your mind! We want to attract good and happy things and not attract the not so good things. I feel like if we practice looking at things in a more positive light then we will attract what we need to meet our goals! 

Wishing you Love, Peace, and Balance! 



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