Finding the oomph…

So today I haven’t had much motivation. I keep trying to find that oomph I need to get my tasks completed and it’s early evening and I still haven’t found it! While I have some how managed to get a few things done today, it is not as much as I had hoped. What can cause this lack of motivation? I find that when there is a full moon I tend to be more tired and restless. Do you feel this way? Growing up having family in the medical field I can remember there being a full moon and it was always going to be a crazy day or night at work. Another thing people would say is be careful all the crazy people are out, it’s a full moon! I believe that the full moon really does have an effect of how we feel. There have been studies against this and some for it but either way I just trust how I feel and during the full moon this has been what I experience. The great thing though with the full moon, besides how beautiful it is on nice clear nights, is that with the full moon we have the opportunity to release anything that no longer serves us. Archangel Haniel helps with moon energies and you can ask for her assistance when it comes to releasing what no longer serves you. Other things that people can do to help release what is no longer serving them is to write down what it is you want to release and then during the full moon you can (in a safe and controlled way) tear up your list or letter and burn it. If using fire makes you nervous you can also tear it up and bury it. This will help you release those old patterns and move forward to bring in what you need and want in your life! If we don’t release what we no longer need we won’t have room for all of the new wonderful things we want and need in our lives! If any of this resonates with you I suggest you give it a try! I am so glad I will have a couple hours tomorrow to get some things done that may not be completed today. Tomorrow is a new day! 

Well, I hope that some of this was helpful to you and I appreciate you reading my blog today! 

Wishing you Love, Peace, and Balance! 



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