How precious life is…

When was the last time you felt if even for a moment how precious life is? Does it take something tragic for you to feel that way? I feel like it’s always during a time of deep reflection when this feeling comes up for me. Sometimes, it takes a reminder to feel how precious life is and I almost wonder if we realized and felt this all the time if we would need those reminders. We get so wrapped up in all that’s going on around us and if we are unhappy with things sometimes we end up wishing our lives away. We want it to be the weekend or the end of our work shift so we can be doing things that have more meaning for us or maybe to just relax. 
I feel like we need to know that we all play an important part in the life we are living, each moment and interaction we have with other people has a purpose and meaning, good or bad and it’s part of a plan that is bigger than each of us! We have to remember that the good is there to remind us that we are meant to be happy and to live life to the fullest, love is meant to surround us and with love all things are possible! The bad are the lessons we need to learn from the things we fear and struggle to understand. We live in a world where it is hard to find the good and to see the lessons that the bad might bring forward. We also live in a world where it’s hard to escape the bad things going on around us. A world that thrives on negativity. We have to find that balance as individuals and as a whole so that we can live in a better place. So we can make the world a better place for our children and the future of our world. We need to create a place that is not so scary. So that if we want to go somewhere new and explore places we have never been we can and the only anxiety we have is from the excitement of something new and unknown.

The one way I know I can help with this is by helping myself to realize the good that can come from each moment in life and to learn how to heal the things from the past so that it doesn’t spoil the future. I know with my life purpose I am meant to also help guide others in the same way so that they can find their own purpose and live a life of love, peace, and balance. We all contribute something to this world and I know that I may not be perfect and my contributions may be small but I am determined to leave this world in a better place than when I came into it. Even if I change something for the good in just one person or living thing I will leave knowing that I accomplished something great and that my life was not wasted. I am choosing to seek out the positive in the world and when there is bad I will send light and love to those involved and pray that they are given everything that is needed to help them heal and find love again. We all play a part in this world and it’s time to stop thinking that we are just one person and the difference we can make won’t impact things enough to make change. We have to believe that we are the ripple effect that will make the difference this world needs. We are the good in this world we live in and if you can just help one person you have made an impact in a positive way. No good deed is to small. Every act of kindness has an impact that will touch and encourage others to do the same! We are more powerful than we could ever understand. Our one act of kindness is what the world needs because with that one act many more will be created! Believe in love, kindness, happiness, and peace and your life will change in ways you could not imagine! What will you do to change your life and impact others? 

Wishing you Love, Peace, and Balance,



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