Goals, perfection, and Our Story!

I missed writing my blog yesterday and I am sorry about that! Time got away from me as I am sure everyone can relate! I am working on my time management both personally, in my own business, and in my current full time job as well. I have been doing my best to follow through on things and not procrastinate as I have set some really steep goals for myself over the next few months and I am really determined to reach them! How do you feel about the goals you have set for yourself? I know we are at the beginning of the year and everyone is talking resolutions but I feel like resolutions have a bad rap, at least in my mind they do, for not working out so I am just going to stick to calling them goals. 
So to be honest, one of my goals is to step outside my comfort zone, this is really going to be the basis of my life going forward so I am not sure if it’s a goal but I am labeling it as that! It’s scary, especially because all of my goals beyond that one will only happen if I follow through on it! It’s a big challenge for me just to do that alone never mind adding the rest of my goals but I know that I can do anything I put my mind to and I am determined to make 2017 the best year of my life! I am learning that I am capable of anything and so are you!! 

This month is the time to be positive and set yourself up with how we want the year to go! This is a great time of manifestation, it is the time for new beginnings! Perhaps you have been working on things for a while like me and it’s not a completely new beginning but the start of a new chapter. We have the ability to write our own stories. If the story that you have written so far isn’t going well or you feel the past keeps coming back up in the current chapter of your life and it’s holding you back or creating negativity in your current moment then I suggest rewriting those past moments. Literally, take a piece of paper and pen or if your more technologically inclined use your computer and write out how you want to remember those moments that keep coming up, acknowledge the lessons that might or could have come from them and make it a more positive memory. You have the ability to change the way you look back on things! Write it out and then read it and believe it! Then keep it so that when things come back up and you feel them dragging you down you can read what you wrote about those past moments and look at it from a different perspective. We can all accomplish great things and I am all too familiar with all the things that can get in the way so we need to find ways to keep moving forward and not let the past hold us back! 

We do not have to be perfect and live perfect lives. I honestly don’t believe there can really be a definition for perfect when we are talking about life. You might be able to get a perfect score on a test but in life there is no real standard for perfection. It is all in the eye of the beholder! So when you think of your story the past, the present, and future I challenge you to not compare your life story to others, because everyone’s story is and will be different, but to look at the lessons, the love, and the positive and find how your own life is and can be perfect for you! 

Wishing you Love, Peace, and Balance! 



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